Smoking Thailand

In January 2018 Thailand changed its Smoking laws. Smoking is allowed in Thailand however, there are restrictions in place including the tourist hotspots. The Thai authorities have enforced a smoke ban on 24 beaches in 15 provinces in Thailand. The island of Koh Samui, Phuket and Pattaya are amongst the popular beaches included in Thailand’s smoking ban. Ask at the beach bars or ask the locals if you are unsure of the rules in Thailand.

Smoking is not a healthy pastime and not around the children who use the beaches too. It is not illegal to smoke in bars and restaurants if the proprietor allows it. Whatever your thoughts on the smoking ban it is in force and appears it is being enforced. There are some bars that do not allow smoking inside but are happy for patrons to smoke in the garden areas.

Beaches Smoking Ban

Some of the beaches in Thailand are No Smoking areas. The fine for smoking on the beaches is 100,000 baht. Fines are payable immediately or a year in a Thai prison. There are millions of cigarette butts discarded on the beaches around the world every year. The discarded cigarette butts pollute the ocean and harm the marine life. The ban is an attempt by the Thai authorities to improve the beaches and the ocean. The marine life mistakes the butts for food and they digest them.

Smoking Thailand

Tobacco Allowances

When entering into The Kingdom of Thailand the tobacco allowance is per person.
200 Cigarettes per person.
250 grams of hand rolling tobacco per person.
Tobacco products over the allowed allowance result in a fine and the tobacco confiscated.

Vaping in Thailand

It is illegal to import vaporising e-cigarettes or e-baraku into the Kingdom of Thailand. The vaporisers confiscated by customs officers. The failure to comply with the rules of vaping is imprisonment for 5 years and a fine. It is illegal to use them and a risk not worth taking.

Smoking Thailand

Smoking Fine Real Experience

A traveller purchased 800 cigarettes and 500 grams of rolling tobacco from the Uk duty-free store. From the Uk to Bangkok Airport in Thailand, the tobacco remained unopened in the hand-luggage. The gentleman cleared customs at Bangkok Airport without any issues. The Thai customs officers approached the traveller outside the airport and escorted him to an interview room in the airport. The customs officers confiscated the tobacco products. The fine for over allowance was 44,000baht, which is equivalent to £1000. A true story of a traveller to Thailand in February 2018.

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