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The island of Koh Samui is awash with Samui Trash. It is no secret to the visiting tourists that Koh Samui has issues with trash. Driving around the island it is impossible not to see the trash dumped on the side of the roads. Koh Samui island is not alone with its trash problems there are many countries around the world struggling with pollution.

Samui residents and visitors have a responsibility to dispose of their trash responsibly. However, despite the efforts of some great organisations the problem still exists. Where does the Samui Trash come from? It is very easy to push the blame of Samui trash to someone else but the reality is we all have to take our portion of the blame.

Samui Trash - We Love Koh Samui

Volunteers Samui Trash

Organisations throughout the island of Koh Samui strive daily to improve the trash issues affecting the island.  There are various ways to get involved and contribute to preserving the tropical island of Samui. For further information and ways to help use the links provided below.

Samui Clean

An initiative in Koh Samui to alert locals and visitors to the problems of Samui Trash. The Samui Clean organisation promotes education and community involvement to tackle the growing problem of Samui Trash.

Trash Hero Koh Samui

A worldwide organisation with a branch in Koh Samui. The Trash Hero team work tirelessly to clean Koh Samui island. The team educate the local community and visitors

Samui Bins

Located around the island the Samui Bins are beginning to have a presence. The bins are hand-painted and available to purchase for your business. Support a great initiative to promote recycling in Samui.

Clean the Beach Boot Camp

Contribute to a beach clean whilst you keep fit in Samui. Join a workout with Clean the Beach Boot Camp and meet like-minded people who want to make a difference.

Samui Trash - We Love Koh Samui

Make Changes

To contribute and start to make changes you have to change your habits. There are small things that will help and education is the key. There are businesses selling the reusable water bottles that you can refill for free at participating places. Contact the authorities with your trash concerns using social media and email.

Don’t accept the plastic bag from the 7/11 shops reusable
Refuse a plastic straw with your drinks
Buy a reusable water bottle
Dispose of trash appropriately
Participate in a beach clean
Shop at Samui Green Market

Samui Trash Problems

Koh Samui has problems with an inactive incinerator and poor Samui trash collections. The build-up of Samui Trash is enhanced by the constant illegal dumping that occurs around the island. There are a number of organisations striving to change the habits of the locals and tourists to ensure Samui remains the beautiful island it is. The Samui Trash problem can only be solved if we keep talking and sharing our experiences with the appropriate authorities. Change can only come with communication and cooperation from everyone. There are the critics who will say what is the point it is a waste of time. For the critics, it is not helpful if we continue to ignore the Samui trash problem, the island will suffocate. The tropical island that tourists see in the brochures is not the tropical island if it is suffocating in the trash.

Samui Trash - We Love Koh Samui

Worldwide Projects

The Ocean Clean Up – A floating barrier collects the plastic from the ocean. The project is the mastermind of a 16-year-old boy who saw more plastic than fish whilst snorkelling on vacation. The project has begun in the USA. The biggest garbage patch is the great Pacific between Hawaii and California. The garbage patch is over 3 times the size of France.

Trash Hero – An organisation of like-minded people with a determination to clean the planet. The Trash Hero teams are prominent in many countries and recognisable by their bright yellow tee-shirts. To find out more about the Trash Hero organisation follow the link.

A documentary by the BBC News highlights the truth behind the plastic pollution. The film gives an alarming insight to the extent of the damage we are inflicting on our planet. It is estimated by the year 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans. An estimate of the plastic in our oceans at the current time is 51 trillion pieces of plastic pollution.

What are your thoughts to Samui Trash? Have you joined a beach clean in Samui? Share your stories and your thoughts. Leave a message or review below.

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