Shopping in Koh Samui

The tourist resort areas on the island are popular for shopping in Koh Samui. If you love to shop until you drop you are spoilt for choice from shopping malls, exclusive boutiques to markets and street vendors.

Central Festival offers everything from ice-cream to designer clothing. Located between Chaweng Beach Road and the lake. The mall is built over three floors. With landscaped gardens and open-air atrium a children’s playground, it is a great way to spend family time. Shops and restaurants offer everything a shopper could want. It is fast becoming ‘the’ place for shopping in Koh Samui.

About Koh Samui

Big name stores such as Starbucks Adidas and feature over 200 stores for browsing. There are restaurants serving Thai and international food cater to personal choices. Twenty eateries dedicated to restaurants and stalls offer their food and beverages at reasonable prices. Passionate about gaming Central Festival has a gaming arcade and boasts an XD 6D Motion ride experience.

Big C is a large mall selling everything from sportswear to carpets. The mall is situated on the 4169 ring road between Chaweng and Bophut. There are restaurants to enjoy meals beers and cocktails. The banks and money exchanger are available inside the Big C store. With an array of jewellery, cosmetics and fashion accessories there are great deals to find here. Opening Hours: 09:00 – 24:00.

Night Markets

The Shopping in Koh Samui Thailand doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. The evenings in Koh Samui bring the night markets with the locals selling their wares and tares all vying for your custom. The popular markets are in Lamai and Fisherman’s Village. The stalls are crammed with all sorts of bargains from clothes to crickets. Haggling with the prices is all part of the fun experience but don’t be offended if when refused.

The Night Markets are popular with the locals you will see families eating and enjoying the evening. Some Westerners will grimace at some of the food products available, the strange smells, oddly shaped vegetables and unusual looking seafood. The vendors will try to tempt you with a small sample of their food enticing you to buy from them.

Lamai Market

Lamai night market on a Sunday evening located at the bridge on the end the main street. Starting at 5 pm just follow everyone else heading that way you can’t miss it. Two streets selling food crafts clothes and electrical goods. Musicians keep shoppers entertained whilst they browse the market.


Bophut Market Shopping in Koh Samui

The Fisherman’s Village on a Friday evening is a bustling walking street market in Samui. The main street is closed to traffic for the Fisherman Village market. Park your bike or car outside the village and walk through. There is an amazing vibe about this market selling bargains of all descriptions. It gets busy with the street lined with an array of delicious food and drinks at low prices. Along the way buy cocktails from the drink stalls. If you prefer to just and watch the action, the bars and restaurants behind the stalls give you an opportunity to relax and be a people watcher. The clothes, fashion accessories and electrical goods are all on offer with vendors assuring you they are the genuine article.

Chaweng Market

Another place for shopping in Koh Samui is the main tourist area Chaweng. The night market is a larger market and the action starts at 6 pm. Stall after stall sells everything you can imagine from fish to clothes. There are numerous name brands at a fraction of the price you would pay at home. The items with brand names are not the genuine article despite what the vendor says. The tee shirts and sunglasses are in abundance and at very cheap prices. The DVDs and CDs are copies. The food stalls line the street selling fresh vegetables raw and cooked fish. Entertainers and musicians perform for the shoppers at the markets in Samui.

Street Stalls

Shopping in Koh Samui is endless with shops on most streets. Along the roads, you will spot many of the locals selling fresh produce from homemade stalls. Try their food it is fresh and a great way to meet locals and immerse yourself in Thai culture.

Shopping Koh Samui

Supermarkets Shopping in Koh Samui

Tesco Lotus located throughout Koh Samui is not unlike western supermarkets. The Tesco Lotus stores sell everything from household items clothing and groceries. Within the stores are smaller stalls selling clothes jewellery craft items. Some stalls sell doughnuts ice-cream and other fabulous tasty snacks. The bigger Tesco Lotus generally have play areas for children. Rides and video games keep the children entertained.

Family Mart or Seven Eleven are typical convenience shops everywhere on the island. Some open 24hrs for those last minute things you may have forgotten. As with any local convenience store the prices are a little higher. If you need your phone topping up this is the place to go and the staff will do it all for you as part of the service.