Thong Krut

Southwest of Samui is unspoilt Thong Krut. A tranquil village away from the busy tourist attractions and beaches. Situated 40 mins from Samui airport. Tailing Ngam to the north and Bang Kao beach to the east. From Lamai follow the 4170 and you arrive at Hemmingways a focal point on the main road. A day in Thong Krut helps to appreciate the untouched real Koh Samui. This a tight-knit community centred around the temple within the school grounds. Samui is over developed and commercialised but a visit to Thong Krut transports you to a time before the modern developments. Thong Krut is a picturesque little village.

Thong Krut


A shallow bay with colourful long tail boats moored along the shore. Small beach a kilometre in length. Thong Krut beach boasts both sun rise and sun sets. Beach vendors are not often seen on the beach due to the lack or regular tourists. Swimming is not suitable Thong Krut is a shallow bay. The ocean recedes exposing muddy flats. It is possible to walk out a good distance. Backdrops of small islands and coconut plantations offer stunning views. The long-tail boats wait for tourists transporting them to neighbouring islands. The islands of Koh Taen and Koh Matsum are in close proximity to Koh Samui. Unofficially named Coral Island Koh Taen boasts the best snorkelling in such close proximity to Samui. Koh Matsum a relaxed perfect place for picnics. Both islands are undeveloped.

Thong Krut

Food & Tours

Thai and international food are readily available in the restaurants and bars on the shore. Thong Krut is a fishing village the restaurants take advantage of the fresh catch of the day. No fast food restaurants. Hemmingways is a popular spot call to make a dinner reservation. Tour operators found in the restaurants and cafes offer trips to the islands from this shallow bay.

Thong Krut

Village Life

The village has a small nursery and primary school situated in the temple grounds. Monks can be seen around the temple grounds feeding the stray dogs. Life revolves around fishing the coconut plantations and the small amount of tourism it receives. The pace of life is relaxed, unlike the busy tourist areas. Watsanti Primary School is at the heart of the village. Three dogs live in the school grounds and they often wander into the classrooms to escape the heat for a nap. Nobody seems to mind. We Love Koh Samui supports the school and are happy to accept donations to make desperately needed renovations. Villagers congregate under large concrete salas to escape the heat and catch up with village news. The school is not open to tourists.

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