Taling Ngam

Located west of Koh Samui Island is Taling Ngam known as the Virgin Coast. Situated half an hour drive from Samui Airport. Conveniently placed for visiting tourist attractions. Public transport is readily available. Thong Krut to the south and Nathon to the north. Traditional village barely touched by tourism. Lush green landscape coconut groves and banana plantations the jungle meets the beach. Buffalo enjoy a dip in the sea or lazing under a palm tree. The handler is in sight so no safety worries.

Traditional wooden Southern-style houses still stand in compounds the outbuildings housing the extended family. Elderly locals sweep outside whilst chickens dig the dirt. Piles of coconuts stand ready for processing and collection. Strays dogs wander or sleep in the roads a typical sight in Taling Ngam. Shops are not as popular as the numerous houses with converted front rooms selling corn and grilled chicken. Fresh catch of the day and fresh fruit are also readily available from the family run establishments.

Taling Ngam

The Area

Clear waters and a rocky coastline make Tailing Ngam a safe place for children to play in the shallow waters. Photographers have interesting sights to capture. The village life stunning sunsets and views of neighbouring Five Islands makes this a photographer’s dream. Accommodation is mainly scattered on the beach with stunning views and the amazing sunsets west of the island.

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Originally named Taling Punk Damaged Shore. The coastline was destroyed by a storm in 1900. Rebuilding and recovering in 1942 renamed Taling Ngam Beautiful Shore. Generations of families mainly descendants of Thai and Chinese migrants live here. Making a living from fishing generations of Thai and Chinese immigrants live in the village. Villagers are satisfied with their traditional lifestyles and don’t wish to change. Taling Ngam has one of the first seaports used by merchant traders over  100 years ago. The locals would provide water and provisions for boats venturing past through South East Asia.

Taling Ngam


Wat Kiri Wongkaram Temple is the heart of local life. Housed in the grounds stands the Mummified Monk Luang Por Ruam. His body now displayed in a glass case since his death in 1966. The body did not decompose after death and remained in its mummified condition for decades. Locals visit the temple daily offering gifts and prayer to Buddha. Tourists visit with the many organised tours on the island.

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