Hua Thanon Koh Samui

Located south of the Island is Hua Thanon Koh Samui. South of Lamai Hua Thanon is not as busy as other tourist areas. The village is predominately Muslim and barely untouched by Koh Samui’s development. Locals inhabit the original wooden houses in the village. Koh Samui’s only mosque is found in Hua Thanon. White and green dome dominates the village skyline. Village life here is predominately supported by the fishing industry. Conveniently placed to visit Grandmother and Grandfather Rocks. Shopping in the village is a few tourist shops selling crafts hats and clothes.

The beauty of this laid back village is the approach to life from the locals. Stroll through the village the locals will greet you and chat. Have a camera ready the locals love to have pictures taken.

Hua Thanon Koh Samui
Muslim Mosque Hua Thanon Koh Samui

The Beach

The beach at Hua Thanon Koh Samui is not really a tourist beach. Moored along the shoreline colourful high bowed boats. A quiet beach with plenty of space to relax and unwind. Watch the fisherman at work preparing their nets for the nightly catch. As the sun sets fisherman cast their nets still fishing in the traditional way.

market food koh samui


Restaurants along the beach entice you in for a meal from the fisherman’s fresh daily catch. The market is a small affair but none the less there are bargains are found.  Fresh fruit vegetables and fish are in abundance. Immerse yourself in local culture. Thai food is readily available. International food is less prominent. Fish is traditionally cooked over open fires. If your stomach is strong enough you can watch the fish being gutted and ready.

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With limited hotels and spas at Hua Thanon Koh Samui, this area is definitely a great destination for relaxation. Self-catering villas with private pools set in tropical gardens. High-end hotels are sporadic.

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