Bophut Koh Samui

Located north of the Island is Bophut Koh Samui. Mae Nam is to the west and Bang Rak is to the east. Conveniently situated for early morning flights leaving Samui Airport. Convenient place for tourist attractions and shopping. Public transport frequently cruises the main road beeping horns to attract customers. A popular place for families and couples there are no pole dancing bars or nightclubs. Visitors can dine at 5* restaurants or late-night burger takeaways. Music bars have live entertain every week. Billabong Surf Club has regular live music and accommodation. Bophut Koh Samui has natural beauty and friendly locals who like to stop and chat with the tourists.



The shores of Bophut Koh Samui attract water sports enthusiasts and families seeking adventure on the ocean. The beach is long enough to escape from the noise if you prefer a laid-back scene. There are popular activities on the beach swimming, snorkelling and jet skies along the sandy stretch. Tours buses congregate in Fisherman Village to collect and drop off tourists for trips and diving. Traffic is an issue at this time of day. Dive Centres offer excursions to neighbouring islands. Whilst most companies are reputable unscrupulous traders do operate. Research and read the reviews. Safety is paramount on the ocean. Check the insurance status. If you have doubts walk away.

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The beaches transform at night to a gentler pace. Intimate candlelit dinner on the beach or a live show. Vendors saunter along the beach selling lanterns and luminous toys. In the evening beaches are a great place to watch the sunset. Sunsets and views of the neighbouring island Koh Phangan have great views from the north of the island.

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Fishermans Village

Fisherman Village is located in Bophut Koh Samui. Situated on sandy beaches the village has a long history in Koh Samui. Restaurants serving traditional Thai and International cuisine line the shore. Bophut’s Friday night market awakens Fisherman Village bringing it to life with tourists and locals shopping for bargains. Samui is famous for night marketsFisherman Market does not disappoint with the night market.

The street comes alive when the main road closed to traffic. Parking is outside of the village. Scooters are parked everywhere. Stalls crammed along either side of the street. Every description of food imaginable including octopus and insects are ready for purchasing. Tempting shoppers to buy their goods vendors offer samples of delicacies and homemade ice-cream. Market vendors sell clothes, souvenirs, crafts and electrical goods. Stall holders expect you to haggle its part of the shopping experience. Entertaining the shoppers are talented fire performers, jugglers and musicians. High-end boutiques mingle with old traditional houses.

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Bophut is steeped in Thai and Chinese culture. Believed to be the oldest part of Koh Samui. Fishing has declined since the increase in tourism. The fishing industry originally supported everyday life for the locals. Modern buildings stand next to traditional wooden houses originally built in the early 20th century. Chinese immigrants constructed and inhabited the wooden houses. The first inhabitants lived basic lives with limited resources farming and fishing to survive. Coconut plantations and fruit trees were planted to improve sustainability on the island.

The history gives an insight to how they lived before tourism took over. Converted to shops and restaurants some of the old houses still have traditional features. Bophut’s Mediterranean feel comes from the French outpost once in Fisherman Village. Wat Bo Puttharam Temple is located on the 4171. The temple is at the heart of the local community. Visiting daily the locals donate gifts and pray to Buddha. Monks wearing distinctive orange robes feed stray dogs in the temple grounds. The temple is a sanctuary of tradition and culture. Respect the rules of the temple take off your shoes. Dress appropriately covering your shoulders and knees.

Getting Around Koh Samui


The bend at Fisherman Market is a deep curve notorious for police stop checks. The police stop tourist and locals for not wearing safety helmets and drink driving. They can see you coming but you can not see them. Fines must be paid immediately to the police officer giving the fine. Trying to talk your way out of a fine may exacerbate the situation. Pay the fine with a smile and wear your helmet in future. Tourists have known to be fined up to 3000 Thai baht for not wearing a helmet.  The fine is not a set amount it is at the officer’s discretion to set the amount payable. It is the law to wear safety helmets and drink driving is against the law.

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