Koh Samui Charities

Koh Samui Charities do not receive government funding and they rely on the donations and the generosity of the local communities. For the survival of the wildlife, plants, forests and the declining coconut plantations conservation work is vital.  The support from the local communities is paramount to keep the charities operational. The Samui charities are non-profit organisations and are required to register with the Thai Government. Fundraising events are held throughout the year raising cash for the Koh Samui Charities. Try to attend the events on your vacation and offer your support every Thai Baht counts.

Samui Snake and Wildlife Rescue

Samui Snake and Wildlife Rescue capture and return wildlife to its natural habitats in the jungle and forests of Samui. The team rescue wildlife from homes and businesses on Samui. Donations and support from the local community assist Phil with his rescue work. Preserving the natural habitat for the animals and plants is essential for Samui’s growth. Phil is well-known on Samui dedicating his life to conservation projects in Koh Samui. He is passionate about the wildlife and the eco-projects on the island and beyond.

 Treatment of the Wildlife

The young animals have intense daily training from the handlers in poor conditions. The wild animals are snatched from their mothers at an early age too early to fend for themselves. The baby animals rely on their kidnappers for survival. Until the animal breaks and conforms to the handlers demands they are tortured and beaten daily with sticks and chains. The natural instinct of a wild animal is to flee from humans not to pose or perform for photographs. It is illegal to have a photograph with the wildlife and posters around the island state this. Despite the warnings, the practice of animal exploitation continues on the island. If enforced the fines range from 500 baht to 5000 baht or a prison sentence. The fine will be at the discretion of the police officers at the time of the incident.

Activities are available on Koh Samui that do not involve the exploitation of animals. The monkey’s tigers and elephants are not free to roam and graze. Handlers keep the animals chained to keep them under control and compliant.


To donate or volunteer your time contact the Koh Samui charity. Before you commit time or money research the charity thoroughly. Social media and the internet has extensive information for research purposes about the charities. Talk to others who have experienced the volunteering programme of your chosen charity. For volunteering projects, obtain the correct visa from the Thai Embassy in your own country.

Take the plunge and volunteer for one of the numerous projects on offer in Koh Samui. Meet new people from around the globe and share your experiences and adventures. Do something different on your vacation and contribute to good causes across Koh Samui. Volunteering tourism is growing in popularity and you could be a part of that experience.

Items to Donate

  • Food
  • Money
  • Feeding bowls
  • Writing materials
  • Building materials
  • Furniture
  • Bedding (animals)

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Our team do not support activities involved in the exploitation of animals for tourists pleasure on Koh Samui. The information on this page is a brief overview of each charity. Follow the links to read more about each of the Koh Samui Charities.