Koh Samui Vehicle Rentals

Koh Samui vehicle rentals for getting around Koh Samui are cost effective options for exploring the island. Renting a car or jeep is increasingly popular, permitting you to explore the island at your own leisure. Hire cars, 4×4 trucks and jeeps from reliable companies around the Island. Rates are comparable on the Island. Typical 800 baht a day or 14000 baht monthly. Suzuki Swift, Mazdas, Toyota 4×4’s and luxury vehicles are readily available from any of the Koh Samui vehicle rentals. Suzuki jeeps are popular with travellers with a cost of around 700 baht a day. Child safety seats are offered from credible hire companies.

Practically every street of Koh Samui also has scooters and cars for hire. A Honda Click 125cc is normal 200 baht a day or 3000 baht each month. Bikes and scooters of all sizes are readily available for hire. If you have no experience of riding a scooter then getting around Koh Samui on one is not the time to find out. The hirer is responsible for any damage to hire cars or motorbikes and the other vehicle involved may claim on your insurance too.

It is a good idea for inexperienced riders not to drive in the mountains, and to look for alternative transportation. You may see local residents with four or more people on one scooter, rental scooters are two people only no exceptions. Koh Samui vehicle rentals allow you to explore the island without any time restrictions or pressures from tour operators. Freedom on a scooter is the best way to access areas of Samui otherwise difficult to reach.

Key Points

  • Fuel – Gas Stations and at the roadside.
  • Punctures – Repair workshops every few hundred yards
  • Insurance – Check the status of Insurance. Some hirers do not include Insurance for scooters
  • Vehicle Condition – Take photos as proof of condition of the car or scooter
  • Accidents – Report immediately to the hirer.
  • Helmets – Provided with scooters. Law to wear a helmet at all times
  • Drink Driving – Risking your life and others. Not acceptable with so many other options available
  • Driving License – No License No Insurance. Some companies do not ask for your license.
  • Passport ID – Passports must not be left with the hire company.