Koh Samui Taxis

Koh Samui taxis are yellow and red cars. The metered taxis cruise the tourist routes, vying for custom honking their horns. Wave them on if you don’t require a taxi. A 50 baht charge is the basic start fare. Drivers of the Koh Samui taxis can be unwilling to turn the meters on, insist they do or leave. Working out fixed rates is the appropriate practice. Agree a cost or the meter turned before you get into the taxi. Personal pre-arranged taxis can be arranged for airport transfers on-line or through your hotel. Taxi ranks are at the piers, busy shopping areas and tourist locations.

Taxi Koh Samui
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Songthaews are also another type of Koh Samui Taxis that will help get you around the island. Getting around Koh Samui by Songthaew is cheap and hassle-free. The Songthaews are distinctive with their open backs. The seating is a wooden bench either side of the pick-up truck. Songthaew suggests 2 benches, song 2 and thaew bench. Fares begin at 50 baht to 150 baht. Circling the ring road 4169 and connecting to the north and south loop roads. In the daytime the Songthaews are the local bus service for travellers and locals with no set bus stops.

Wait around the busy areas and make yourself seen to flag down a Songthaew. Agree on a rate before you get into the taxi. Payment for a Songthaew Taxi is payable at your destination. In the evenings there are fewer Songthaews and the price may increase slightly. Those in service are alight with murals and music playing from the many speakers built into the taxi. Operating as private taxis in the evenings always remember to agree on the price before you leave.

Motorcycle Taxi

Koh Samui taxi scooters are and recognisable by the drivers bright blue, green or yellow vests with the word taxi printed on them. Drivers vests have an individual number and the area of Samui they work from. Scooter taxis bring extra helmets for their passenger. Scooter fares start at 50 baht and final costs depend on the distance of the trip. Motorcycle taxis have no set routes and they are free to travel the island accessing areas car and buses can not reach. It’s a flexible, cheap option for checking out the Island – off the beaten track. Expect increased charges at night, there are less cab drivers on the road. The motorcycle taxis cruise the main roads beeping their horns for customers.


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