Getting Around Koh Samui

Various transport options for getting around Koh Samui await you. The 4169 ring road circles the entire Island. Koh Samui roads are improving and new roads are under construction. Driving is getting marginally easier on Koh Samui. The public footpaths and walkways are constantly improving. Access around the island is not adequate for wheelchairs and pushchairs. Footpaths are being built or repaired and cleared of potholes and debris.

Rush hour on the island is from 7-8am and from 4.30-5.30pm. Shift change for the workers’ school hours and tour buses are the busiest times on the roads. Unless you like sitting in traffic jams rush hour is best avoided. The Rush hour is the busiest time, but the island’s roads are becoming congested throughout the day with increased tourism. The island has one of the highest rates of accidents and deaths on the roads of Thailand so getting around Koh Samui can be dangerous. It is the responsibility of the rider to ensure they are fit and competent to drive.

Koh Samui has clear road signage in English. New signs are appearing with pictures and directions to the popular tourist areas. Don’t expect the same rules or considerations as your home country on Koh Samui’s roads. Other drivers flashing their lights at you are not giving way, it is the exact opposite of giving way. At red traffic lights turn left if it is safe to do so unlike you would do at home. Be aware of stray dogs and other wildlife roaming the roads.


Koh Samui motorbike taxis are recognisable by their bright blue green or yellow vests with the word taxi printed on them. Motorbike taxi drivers vests display a personal number and the area they work from. Scooter taxis carry spare helmets for their passenger. Scooter fares start at 50 baht and prices depend on the distance you wish to travel. Motorbike taxis have no set routes they are free to travel the island. Flexible cheap option for exploring the Island off the beaten track. Expect increased fees at night fewer taxi drivers are on the roads. The motorbike taxis cruise the main roads honking their horns for customers. Read more about Koh Samui’s taxi’s…..

Cars & Motorbike Rentals

Getting Around Koh Samui by car or jeep is increasingly popular allowing freedom to explore the island at your leisure. Hire cars and jeeps from reputable companies around the Island. Rates are similar on the Island. Average 800 baht a day or 14000 baht per month. Hire cars are normally Suzuki Swift or Mazdas. Toyota 4×4 and luxury cars are available to hire from 1000 baht a day. Suzuki jeeps are popular with tourists costs are 700 baht per day. Child safety seats are available from reputable hire companies. Virtually every street of Koh Samui has scooters and cars for hire. Hire a Honda click scooter 125cc for 200 baht a day or 3000 baht per month. Bikes and scooters for all cycling levels are available for hire. Read more about vehicle rentals on Koh Samui…..

Bicycle & Walking

Cycling is fast growing in popularity on Koh Samui. A great opportunity for exploring the Island at your own pace. More and more families use this method of transport to explore the Island. Discover the hidden gems of a tropical paradise whilst keeping fit. Bikes give access to tracks and paths scooters and cars can’t access around the island. Arrange Bicycle Tours with a reputable company such as Samui Bicycle Tours.


Follow the guidelines given for a safe experience on the roads of Koh Samui. Foolishness and carelessness lead to fatalities. Take a map or GPS, carry water and cash, a puncture can happen to anyone considering the terrain in parts of the island. It is law to wear a helmet at all times fines for not doing so can be expensive.


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