Attractions on Koh Samui

Koh Samui is a small island in the Gulf of Thailand with big attractions. The attractions Koh Samui will keep you busy your entire vacation. Finding time to fit everything is the only thing you need to worry about. Returning visitors find new attractions Koh Samui to explore each year. The history and culture are evident in many of the attractions Koh Samui. Exploring the attractions on Koh Samui includes waterfalls temples, waterparks, golf, hiking and viewpoints. Views around Koh Samui are simply breathtaking from the sun rising to the sun setting. Hire a scooter and explore the beauty that Koh Samui has to offer.

Bang Rak Beach Koh Samui
Bang Rak Beach – copyright@salharvey2017


Located in the Gulf of Thailand are Koh Samui beaches. The beaches are tropical palm-fringed havens attracting millions of tourists every year.  Sun worshippers surround themselves with crystal clear waters and soft white sandy beaches. Thrill seekers can spend time at the water sports lining the beach front attractions Koh Samui. For total isolation find beaches hidden in caves along the rocky coastline. The beaches at sunrise and sunset capture the wonder of nature with vivid colours lighting the Samui skies. Beach sports such as volleyball are spontaneous and everyone is welcome to join in.


Temples and religious sites offer visitors a spiritual experience in Samui. Koh Samui’s temples are steeped in history. The Island has numerous temples and religious sites to discover and to explore. Festivals, weddings, and events take place in Samui’s temples. The locals visit the temples daily to pray and offer gifts to Buddha. Koh Samui’s temples are visually striking with vivid colours and unusual architecture. When visiting the temples behave in a respectful manner and dress appropriately. Standing at 12 meters Big Buddha is the most popular temple in Samui.

Laem Sor Pagoda Koh Samui
Laem Sor Pagoda Bang Rak Koh Samui – copyright@salharvey2017


Visiting the waterfalls is part of the attractions on Koh Samui. From gushing streams to a trickle from the mountains and hills there is plenty to discover. Cool off from the heat in natural swimming pools and slides. Take photos at a stunning location. Hiking through the falls you experience the real Koh Samui. The jungle, forests and plantations uncover the natural untouched Koh Samui. The larger waterfalls have tour operators offering tours combined with other activities. Hire a scooter or jeep and explore the falls at your leisure. The smaller waterfalls are amazing and not difficult to find using a GPS.

ViewPoint Attractions Koh Samui

Samui has a number of viewpoints along the coastline of the island. To access some of the viewpoints you will require transport. Tours are available from the reputable companies on the island of Samui. At the Look Out Point between Chaweng and Lamai is a kiosk selling homemade coconut ice-cream. Further along the bend, a decorative Spirit House guards the road of Samui. Drive through the jungle, banana plantations and coconut groves discovering untouched Samui. Climb the hills and mountains of Samui that offer spectacular views of the island. Take in the scenery from the old Samui in the undeveloped areas of the island.

Other Attractions Koh Samui

There are attractions on Koh Samui besides beaches, waterfalls, and viewpoints to explore. Consider an evening’s entertainment in Lamai. Watch talented fire performers on the beach of Chaweng. Sample real craft ales at Bee Knees Brewpub. Join Thai cooking classes in Fishermans Village. Take part in Muay Thai Boxing Bang Kao. Trek through the lush greenery in the mountains in Lipa Noi. Relax in the mountains at a jungle bar in Choeng Mon. Koh Samui is a diverse island and welcomes tourists from across the globe to experience its tropical beauty and attractions.

Photography: copyright@salharvey2017