Angthong National Marine Park

Located north-west of Koh Samui is Angthong National Marine Park. The park covers an area of 102M₂ with a land mass of 18m₂. 42 Islands and limestone massifs reaching 10-400m above sea level. Previously a pirates hideout Angthong is now patrolled by the Thai navy. Angthong Marine Park was established as a national park in 1980.

Islands are covered in the thick mangrove forest. Limestone and granite rocks with lush vegetation are home to an abundant bird life. On the climb, you may discover some Asian Long-tailed Monkeys who inhabit the Island. Tortoise lizards wild pigs and pythons inhabit the Island. The park is home to an array of sea life. The clear waters making it a popular location for snorkelling. Kayak tours explore caves and tunnels carved out of the limestone cliffs by erosion. Unusual rock formations force you to bend low to avoid jagged rock overhangs. Kayaking through to a hidden lake you can imagine this was a perfect pirates refuge.


Book with a reputable tour company. The easiest way to experience Angthong National Marine Park is booking directly with a reputable tour operator. Options include large tour boats or smaller private chartered boats. Prices depend on budget. Operators have preferred itineraries and routes. Tours specialise in kayaking snorkelling diving and sight seeing adventures. Sailing to Angthong National Marine Park is one to 2.5 hours dependent on boat size.

Tours include a strenuous hike up wooden paths on Ko Mae the Mother Island. The climb leads to views across the Emerald Lake Thale Nai. Angthong National Marine Park was the inspiration for the book and movie The Beach starring Leonardo Di Caprio. The movie was filmed on Phi Phi Island on the Andaman Coast. Tours include roped hiking paths with steep steps for views of the main Island Ko Wua Talap Sleeping Cow Island. Postcard-perfect views across the whole park. The park’s headquarters is located on this Island. Visit the office for information on hiking and snorkelling trails.