Ban Plastic Koh Samui

The island of Koh Samui is on a mission to Ban Plastic. There are like-minded people on the island who are determined to make a difference for the future generations. The planet is suffocating in the plastic pollution. Whilst it was once a revolutionary break through it is now a destructive pollution to our planet. There is clear documented evidence of the damage to the oceans, the animals, the marine life and humans. It is not a local issue, the plastic pollution, is washed up on the beaches and shores of many beaches around the world. If we, as a world community, do not tackle the pollution problems by the year 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than there will be fish.

Ban Plastic Koh Samui

Marine Life Ban Plastic

The oceans are a dumping ground for our toxic wastes. As a species, humans have thrived and evolved. However, for every one of our achievements we have destroyed another species existence. The marine life is suffering from our love of plastic and our irresponsible recycling. The aquamarine life is ingesting the plastics mistaking it for food. Plastic was never meant to be ingested but it is now a daily occurrence for the marine life. There are species at threat from our misuse and we have to correct the plastic pollution before its too late.

Recycle Ban Plastic

Koh Samui may not be a great leader in recycling but the island is making changes to Ban Plastic. On a Sunday afternoon in Samui, the Trash Hero crew participate in a beach clean and invite tourists to join them. The Trash Hero World is growing in population around the world encouraging everyone to be responsible with their trash. The Clean the Beach Samui team work tirelessly to improve the tropical island of Samui. Check out the great work Clean the Beach do on Facebook.
A new initiative on the island is the Samui Bins. The hand-painted bins are available to buy online. The Samui Bins team plan to have their decorative bins around the island of Samui. The Clean the Beach Boot Camp is a great way to work out and help to clean the beaches.

Ban Plastic Koh Samui

Making Changes Ban Plastic

There is so much talk and information you may ask yourself how you can make a difference and to Ban Plastic. You can help to Ban Plastic by following a few easy steps to change your routine and habits. We can all be a part of the Ban Plastic Campaign and be a solution and not part of the plastic problem.

Don’t accept the plastic bag from the 7/11 shops
Refuse a plastic straw with your drinks
Buy a reusable water bottle
Dispose of trash appropriately
Participate in a beach clean
Encourage others to be responsible
Shop at the Samui Green Market

What are your thoughts to Ban Plastic? Have you joined a beach clean in Samui? Share your stories and your thoughts. Leave a message or review below.

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